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MANAGER - KU Med Center Bookstore Kansas City


Responsible for the daily operation of the KU Med Store, located in the Kansas City, Kansas.  Supervises full and part-time employees.  Ensures all staff highly trained to provide excellent customer service.Assists with selection,transportation, display and sale of merchandise; assists and monitors course material provision onsite to ensure the timely provision of required textbooks and academic material; handles register, cash bag, bank deposits and documentation. Utilizes store inventory system for reference, tracking and generation of reports, tags and documents; provides customer service to KU Medical Center students, faculty and customers. Maintains regular contact with applicable departments and staff members at the KU Bookstore in Lawrence.

Receives direct supervision from the Assistant Director-Retail Operations of the KU Bookstores.  Directly supervises all staff at the KU Med Store, including full and part time.  Position is overtime eligible.


1.  Trains and develops team of highly engaged
customer service –driven employees. Monitors customer satisfaction, adjusts
product selection based on trends and customer needs. Responsible for full,
dynamic displays of snacks, gifts, apparel, and supplies at above locations.
Maintains neat, uncluttered merchandise fixtures. Assists customers with
in-store and online purchases. Transfers and requests merchandise as needed. 

2.  Achieves budgeted inventory levels, utilizing system tools to analyze and react to trends. Supervises daily operations, promptly reporting concerns involving the store’s appearance, security, maintenance, etc. to the appropriate KU Bookstore or KU Med Center personnel.  Receives, stocks and shelves products.  Maintains up-to-date shelf tags.  Helps with selection, transport, and display of snacks, gifts and garments, and supplies. Initiates reorders and customer special orders as needed. Maintains neat, uncluttered merchandise fixtures.  Keeps merchandise sized, labeled and rotated. Opens and closes registers daily.  Sees to the security and handling of cash bags and deposits.

3. Supervises full and part-time staff, which includes hiring, training and scheduling. Holds regular meetings with staff to share ideas, provide feedback and develop plans to encourage growth. Monitors attendance and compliance within HR and store policies.  Administers employee discipline as required, including termination of employment in accordance with KU Memorial Unions policies and procedures.

4.  Transfers merchandise reliably between Kansas City and Lawrence.  Accurately generates and receives merchandise transfer information for inventory tracking purposes.  Transfers low-selling items to the KU Bookstore in Lawrence.  Runs sales reports to determine high-selling merchandise. 
Monitors markdowns. Routinely replaces older merchandise with fresher

5. Arranges for extra cash during buyback or rush periods.  Rings up
sales, returns and buyback transactions on registers.  Promptly reports any problems with registers, funds or documentation to the Business Office of KU Bookstore in Lawrence. Promptly reports any computer or printing trouble to System Administration.   

6.  Works closely with Textbook Manager to make buying decisions. Generates P.O.’s when necessary.  Coordinates orders, reorders, returns,
buyback, report generation, etc. in cooperation with textbook and merchandising staff at the KU Bookstore in Lawrence. 
Build strong relationships and grow partnerships with KU Med Campus
staff and departments. Attends meetings and events as appropriate and reports
back to Assistant Director on any events or support needed. 


1.Assists in the annual inventory of the KU Bookstore.

2.Recommends new merchandise or services.

3. Attends meetings and training sessions at the KU Bookstore in Lawrence when required.

4. Supervises the preorder, Web order and special order programs of the KU Med Store.

5. Supervises special events including book signings, Faculty/Staff Appreciation Reception, and Grad Fairs.

6. Coordinates all University vending machines at KUMC. Works with Coca-Cola representative.

7.Other duties as assigned by the Assistant Director – Retail Operations.


1.Ability to work independently and accurately.

2.Ability to supervise personnel.

3.Ability to communicate effectively with customers, staff, and co-workers.

4.Valid drivers license.

5.Ability to lift 50 pounds.

6. Ability to be bonded and pass security check.

7.Skills in handling and accounting for monies and merchandise.


1. High School diploma or equivalent.

2. Previous experience in retail merchandising and supervising personnel.

3. Experience with computerized business applications.

4. Verifiable skills in quality customer service.


1. Experience with point-of-sale retail merchandising.

2. Experience in college store or private bookstore.

3. College or technical training in business or computer management.

The University of Kansas Memorial Unions is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic information in the corporation’s programs and activities.  Retaliation is also prohibited by corporation policy. The Director of Human Resources has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies and can be contacted at