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Procurement Supervisor - South Dining Commons

Compensation:  $16.49-$19.19 per hour commensurate with experience plus excellent benefits
Work Schedule:  Mon-Fri 6:00am-3:00pm
Overtime Eligible

Job Summary
Utilizes computer technical skills in performing daily purchasing duties and inventory management for 2 large volume food service operations.  Review inventory levels and accuracy of product information.  Oversees food-handling techniques for storeroom areas and cleaning/sanitizing of storage facilities/equipment according to established safety and food safety procedures to prevent accidents and food-borne illness.  Supervises and evaluates storekeepers.  Trains staff in procedures associated with daily-generated computer reports, recipe revision and procurement of additional needed items.

Supervision Given and Received
Receives direct supervision from the Executive Sous Chef.  Supervise storeroom personnel.

Essential Functions
•Enter actuals data/ forecasts serving usage
•Updates FMS menu (according to manager instruction)
•Have knowledge of how to generate reports for units when needed.
•    Order scheduler
•    Advance pull sheets
•    Advance prep sheets
•    Recipes
•    Serving line worksheets
•    Menus
•    PO’s
•    Additional as requested
•Answer question about generated reports
•Create & distribute PO for vendor orders according to deadlines
•Adhere to set delivery schedules
•Know all food/non-food items and usage, attend all menu meetings w/ knowledgeable feedback and input.  Report updates to units
•Reflect partnership in meeting unit’s budgets
•Maintain units menu: special events, monotony breakers, residential refreshment orders
•Maintain spreadsheet for special events and unit monotony breakers
•Adhere to deadlines, supplying information needed
•Review invoices compared to matching PO’s, and send to central office in a timely fashion

•Train/Oversee staff in daily/ monthly inventory reports
•Ensure proper item delivery & use (either by personal review or reports from staff)
•Supervise, train & communicate to storekeeper(s)/staff as to ensure safety and sanitation is being followed according to KU, Kansas and Federal guide.  Addressing all staff who are not following SHOWTIME and S.C.R.I.P.T. principles.

•Delegate cleaning and sanitizing assignments
•Review successful care given to delivery & storage areas according to established safety  guidelines and food safety procedures to prevent food-borne illness, by producing written documentation of sanitation inspections.   
•Oversee employees practice excellent food handling techniques for handling, storage, disposing, rotating, dating, and labeling products.
•Check and verify quality indicators for food items in cleanliness, appearance, flavor, texture, seasonal, and temperature.  Document and share corrective action taken when needed

•Update & correct inventory
•    purchase unit correction
•    directing/update storage location and bin numbers
•    entry/accuracy
•Create & print inventory tally report
•Review for accuracy and enter valuations according to deadline
•Maintain reduced level of inventory to reflect changes in seasons and customer counts                            (as much as needed)
•Review & reduce inventory level in conjunction w/ customer population
•Follow through with purchasing/ordering discrepancies corrective action

•Update staff on product replacement/outages
•Report equipment failure and action taken
•Communicate to manager need for movement of excess inventory w/ suggestions
•Train new, part-time and less experienced staff on FMS functions
•Support management and senior staff in proper use of FMS paperwork
•Provide as telephone contact in units as procurement officer with inventory or ordering question.

•Adheres to the KU Dining S.C.R.I.P.T. at all times and instructs employees in the same.
•Support – providing the strength and guidance to ensure successful outcomes.
•Creativity - encouraging innovative thinking to turn challenges into opportunities.
•Respect – demonstrating sincere appreciation for people, places, and things.
•Integrity – doing what is honest and reliable, especially when no one is looking.
•Professionalism – sharing your expertise in the pursuit of excellence.
•Teach – fostering an environment of continued learning and growth.

Additional Responsibilities
1. Performs other related duties as assigned by the manager(s) including covering other supervisor duties in absence of co-workers and/or completing special projects.
2. Develop recipes and assists menu committee/ procurement manager in recipe standardization.
3. Serves as the general resource in resolving a wide variety of questions from staff.  Uses initiative and independent judgment to apply knowledge for procedural questions to provide resolution.
4. Must drive to pick up food/non-food items when not delivered or on hand create appropriate transfer documentation/signatures.
5. Regularly receives incoming production office telephone calls following policies and procedures.

Required Knowledge, Abilities and Skills
1. Computer competency using database software for computerized purchasing, inventory control and menu management systems.  Must have ability to utilize Word, Excel and Outlook.  
2. Knowledge of food/non-food items and methods used in a large-scale food preparation operation.
3. Knowledge of proper equipment operation in a state of the art kitchen.
4. Knowledge of modern health, sanitary and safety standards and practices applied to food service.
5. Knowledge of business English with strong skills in communicating effectively, both orally and in written form.
6. Ability to follow recipes and product cooking instructions.
7. Ability to portray a friendly disposition, to be flexible to meet customer needs and dedication to serve the general public.
8. Ability to train, supervise, discipline and motivate full and part-time staff.
9. Ability to maintain quantity, quality and inventory controls for fiscal food cost accountability.
10. Ability to perform above average physical requirements of food service work to include stooping, bending, extensive walking, standing for long periods and lifting up to 40 pounds.  Exposure to differing temperatures, hot and cold.


Minimum Qualifications
1. High School graduation.
2. Demonstrated effective understanding of quantity food service preparation and production operations.
3. At least 4 years of volume food service production experience with some supervising responsibilities.
4. Significant experience in computer operation using Excel, Word, Outlook and other specialty programs.  
5. Valid driver's license.
6. Ability to work in a diverse work environment.

Preferred Qualifications
1. Previous office manager/supervisory and procurement experience in a college institutional operation.
2. Completion of an associate degree in the food service field from an accredited technical school.
3. Knowledge of CBORD program or similar menu management system.

Please submit a resume and cover letter with application. Full time employment with the Union Corporation is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a back ground check prior to being able to begin work.

This position is eligible for a employee referral bonus.   


The University of Kansas Memorial Unions is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic information in the corporation’s programs and activities.  Retaliation is also prohibited by corporation policy. The Director of Human Resources has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies and can be contacted at